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About me


Hi ! I’m Stella Colorado , alias Petit Kitsune,

French freelance digital Illustrator and concept artist. I’m currently 22!


Since I can hold a pen, art has always been a real passion for me.

Self-taught, to me, it's like having some kind of super power,

bring my imagination to life and create an image from scratch,

give it a meaning, a story, or just the aesthetic I want,

that's what what I aspire to ; and my own way of communicating!


My greatest source of inspiration since my childhood has undoubtedly been

the whole Japanese culture! I am a great fan of manga and video games !


When I was younger, I integrated an artistic course in a school in Paris,

before converting myself as a graduate professional makeup artist.

The covid having prevented me from carrying out my job as a makeup artist,

I gradually regained the taste and passion that I have always had for drawing,

and I got into digital drawing for good!

And I would never regret this decision!

That's why I'm here !

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