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Art Commissions 

Good to know:


  1. I only very exceptionally open my commissions for personal use ! As the illustration is now my full-time job,
    I tried to set "affordable" prices that still allowed me to make a living from it.
    Thank you for your understanding!


  2. Please , check out my terms of service before any request, especially to check what kind of commission you ll need (PERSONAL USE, COMMERCIAL USE AND EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS)

  3. Those prices are for personal use orders! Commercial rights can be purchased.
    Please Check out the terms of service, and contact me.


  4. Slots are very limited , please check my IG bio to know how many are left in real time.

If in doubt, contact me to know if I’ll draw something or not

 Will do : 

  • Fanart

  • OC’s

  • You, your family, friends

  • Sexy / slightly revealing characters

  • Humans / / humanoids / fantasy / sci-fi characters

  • Animals

  • Slight gore

  • Couples / ships of any gender

  • Simple to detailed backgrounds

Won't do :          

  • imitating another artstyle

  • Furry / anthro / ponies

  • Hateful art

  • Extreme nsfw / fetishes / gore

  • Environment only pieces

Price List

Sketch - starting at 65€

( approximately : 4 ~ 7 hours of work )


Factors that may also influence the price :

  • If it’s a portrait / Half body / full body

  • Background

  • Additional characters / animals

  • Complexity of the sketch

  • Simple flat / color tones